TruCODE Information Technologies
We are setup to to beating the impossibilities! Join Us.

TruCODE Information Technologies

TruCODE is a hitech-driven Nigeria based information technology company that has been developing cutting-edge customized software, training & mentoring hundreds of professional developers, webmasters and rendering hardware maintenance, purchase & services. TruCODE is specialized in applying state-of-the-art technologies to solve & provide solutions that are unique for individuals or cooperate bodies. The groups of professionals, consultants at TruCODE are always on the move reaching for TRUExcellence and beating the impossibilities, which is our slogan and our clients can testify to this as their businesses/companies are experiencing growth and stability through the use of our products and services. TruCODE is passionate about how life can be improved through the application of technological innovations.
Our Vision
To be one of the leading solution providers nationally and internationally by beating the impossibilities.
  Our Mission  
Transforming the impossibilities with TruProducts.
Releasing state-of-the-art products & services.
Up-building excellent human power through effective training.
Creating value and making utmost difference.
Operating environments where everyone's growth is easy.
Developing solution providers through our empowerment programmes.
Exceeding our customers' expectations.


TruCODE is specialized in software development and has been able to develop selling distributed database-driven applications for financial management bodies, mega and mini stores, content managers, multi-level-marketers and so on. Other technological driven application includes SMS Alert System (SAS), Banking Solution, Exam and Result Portals, Payment Gateway, etc. [Read More]
Títẹ èdè Yorùbá pẹ̀lu àwọn èdè Nàìjíríà míràn lórí kòǹpútà ti dìrọ̀rùn pẹ̀lu TruWORD! À sì ń fẹ́ alágbàtà káàkírí àgbáyé!