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   Software Customization - Your operations can be computerized!

Training At TruCODE, we understand the uniqueness of every individual and organizations; and even how professional operations/processes are supposed to be done. Our groups of professional software engineers that can analyse, customize , design, develop and document a software for you or your organization based on your specification or  requirement, at a very reasonable price!
With customized software, you would have a software that is unique to handle all your processes and activities giving you the ability to eliminate or unnecessary features thus minimizing cost of implementation and maximising productivity, customized software are even designed to suite your brand for example: colour, banners, logo and so on. All you have to do is to compose an email describing your needs and/or budget and then email it to

   Training - You need to upgrade yourself.

Training Let's lead you through, it's not as difficult as you thought!
TruCODE has successfully trained applicants, CEOs, Cooperate staff, students, to become professional developers, programmers, webmasters, system admin, web admin. We render both one-on-one and corporate training using latest course outline. Our training is handled by qualified trainers and all the theories are 100% practical with the appropriate tools and in a very conducive environment.
Some of the trainings we render at TruCODE are listed below:

1.  Software Development Applicants would trained to become software developers with the ability to design, develop, and write codes in OOP languages.
Become a Software Developer! (BASIC) VB.Net, C#, Java, C language, VB 6.0, BASIC, PASCAL, FORTRAN etc. For SSCE holder, Undergraduate, Graduate and anyone
who wants to be able to write applications.
Become a Professional Software Developer! (ADVANCE) VB.Net, C#, MSSQL, mySQL For Undergraduate,Graduate, CEO, IT Student, Novice and anyone who wants to develop career in software development.
2.  Web Design & Administration Trainees would undergo all the training required in web design and management. We train our webmaster with this state of the tech.
Become a Web Programmer (BASIC) AASP.Net,CSS, MSSQL, mySQL, PHP etc. For Undergraduate, Graduate, CEO, IT Student, Noviceand anyone who wants to develop career in web development.
Become a Web Administrator (ADVANCE) ASP.Net, CSS, MSSQL, MySQL, IIS, Web Hosting: C Panel and Win Host. For Undergraduate, Graduate, CEO, IT Student, Novice.
3. System Administration
Windows Server 2008
Applicants are taught and tutored on system administration using window server 2008 as the case study. DC, OU, ADDC, etc. would be taught as ABC.
4. Network Administration
Net.Devices, Windows Server 2008;
Trainees would be taught network topology, trained on how to crimp different network cables and troubleshoot network devices.


Seminar - Attend TruSeminars...

TruCODE is also known for her Hitech-driven seminars that have served as medium by which many establish themselves in IT careers and are doing well today. We organize indoor and outdoor TruSeminars from time to time. You can update yourself through this web page.