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TruWORD™ is a latest wide accepted multilingual word processor. It is a product of years of research in information technology based on our passion to protect & promote our dying cultures by upgrading every computers to be able to typeset, edit and print in African alphabets correctly. TruWORD™ was developed to provide solution to this problem as it is independent and can process documents perfectly in many languages especially Yorùbá without any need of customized keyboard or hardware.
Publishers, Institutions, Language Students, Business Centres, Book Writers, Lecturers, Broadcasting Stations, Individuals with a computer and the likes. 

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TruRank is a Secured Database Management Software specially customized to give you the ability to do more with your database than just keeping records. TruRank is embedded with knowledge base (KB) for auto-management of multi-level marketing (MLM) network accurately and efficiently with lots of detailed & analytical reports. Flexibility and Productivity are the keywords for this software. MultiLevel Marketing (MLM) Organizations.

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This is an Extraordinary POS & Dynamic Inventory Software to manage Purchase Order (PO), Sales Order(SO), Invoices (IV), Sales Receipt (SR), Point of Sales (POS), AutoPromo, Bulk Sales - Dynamic Pricing,  Payment, Reports, Real-time Network Connectivity and so on. It generates various reports and analysis that can be used for the company's growth forecast. Supermarkets, Mini/Mega Stores, Wholesalers, Retailers, Distributors, Filling Stations, Dealers, Book Shops, Boutiques, Fitness Centres, Depots and so on.

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TruPrompt™ is a real-time software-only multilingual teleprompter, designed by TruCODE Information Technologies to prompt in English and our major indigenous languages in Nigeria like Yorùbá.
In Nigeria today, most of our languages are written or displayed wrongly without the appropriate tone marks. TruPrompt™ is developed to improve the acceptability of our local languages, which will enable us to deliver news, speeches, create quality & educational broadcast and help revive our dying languages.
The software works on any computer, enabling the talent (newscaster or speaker) to control, guide, the rate and flow of his/her speech, also helps in correct pronunciation of words. 
Broadcasting Stations, Churches, Presenters/Talents, Schools, etc.

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Mobile communication has proven to be the most accepted and most effective compared to other forms of communications, not only because it is reliable, precise, cheap, fast and save but most importantly, it enable us to reach anyone at their present location! TruALERT is a Hitech-driven Secured Database Management Software to manage huge records and provides you with the ability to do more with your database than just keeping records, you can Send customized SMS from your computer to any mobile phone. Some of the features in TruALERT are: Flexi-sort, TruAssistant™, Search Engines, SMS Technology, SMS Technology, Report Generation,Visual stunning GUI, SMS Summary Records, Unique SMS Account, Secured Database Management,Retrieve from third party software, etc. Individuals and organisations who want to manage & stay connected with their contacts through instant SMS communications.
TruGymPlanner TruGymPlanner™

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Specially developed tech-driven software to manage all the affairs of gyms, recreation centres, fitness clubs, swimming pools, wellness centres, health clubs, fitness clubs, community centres, and any membership-based organization. With TruGymPlanner, you can generate meeting calendar & reports based on individual member or group, manage payment records, send SMS to reminder or advertise a new product, log & control access to resources and many more. Gyms, Recreation Centres, Fitness Clubs, Swimming Pools, Wellness Centres, Health Clubs, Fitness Clubs, Community Centres and any Membership-Based Organization
TruSchPlanner TruSchPlanner™

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This software will automate the management of most of the operations in any school. Some of the operation are , Staff/Student registration & payments managements, Computer-based Exams, Results & Report card generation, Staff/Student ranking, SMS alert system.
Entire School management is best done with TruSchPlanner.
Any School or Institution with  desire for profitable, cost effective, advanced, IT-compliants and/or better ways of management.