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  • TruCODE absorbs students for industrial attachment. We help them implement all the theories they've learnt in their various institutions and even   teach them those that they were not taught!
  • We also employ sound graduates that have required demonstrable skills. Working at TruCODE would expose our you to an environment where you will improve and also contribute your quota.
  • You could become a professional in IT industry within few weeks if you attend one-on-one training at TruCODE Information Technologies.
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    One of the ways we appreciate our customers is by giving them the privilege to earn commissions on every sales of TruWORD package that are referred by them! Whenever you purchase any product at TruCODE, we issue you a TMCode by registering you as a TruMarketer which will empower you to tell someone else about TruWORD and whenever we sell, you earn 10% commission paid directly into your bank account. TruMarketer is specially designed to market TruWORD, a Multilingual Word Processing software that we want every computer at least in Nigeria to have installed since it would help break the barrier of typing Nigerian languages like Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba on our computers. So, your aim, and how you can earn as a TM is to help sell TruWORD to another person and your bank account would be credited instantly!