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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I purchase any product I like?
How do I type languages like Yorùbá, Igbo, Hause, etc. on my computer?
All you need on your computer is to install TruWORD Multilingual Word Processing Software.

What is TruWORD?
TruWORD is a Multilingual Word Processing Software that can process African languages correctly. Our case study is Yorùbá language which is one of the major languages in Nigeria, all the tonal mark can now be included without stress or memorizing

What type of computer/system can run TruWORD?
Any computer that runs Windows XP, Vista, 7 or later version.

Who can I use TruWORD?
TruWORD is very easy to use but only two groups of people can use TruWORD!
One, any computer user who has ever used any other word processor can use TruWORD.
And the other is anyone who I read simple instructions display to him/her whenever he/she wants to do something.

How I purchase TruWORD?
You can purchase TruWORD directly on this website, from any software vendor in Nigeria or through our offline marketers.

How do I activate TruWORD?
TruWORD is package with your License Key (LK).
After installation, run TruWORD and you would be request of your LK.
Enter the LK and an Installation Key (IK) would be automatically generated for you.
Send your correct LK & IK as text message to your Support – Your support number is package with TruWORD!
You would get you Activation Key (AK) as a reply.
Enter your AK and click Activate.
Your software will be automatically activated. Write your LK, IK & AK for future use.

What is License Key (LK)?
Each of our product is packaged with LK which is used to uniquely identify you and supplied after/during installation to generate your Installation  

What is Installation Key (IK)?
An Installation Key usually special code that is automatically generated by our product that would be used along with your LK to obtain your Activation Key.

What is an Activation Key (AK)?
Activation Key is used to fully activate the software for use which is based on your LK & the generated IK.

What is I format my system?
You can reinstall & reactivate TruWORD even if you had to format your computer. All you have to do is to re-enter your previous installations details.

What/Who is TruMarketer (TM)?
TruMarketers are people who have purchased TruWORD and decided to market it to others. A percentage commission is paid directly into their account each time we sell through their TMLink.

What do I stand to benefit as a TruMarketer?
Wow, lots of benefits. You can market TruWORD offline and/or online for a commission when you sell.
Online marketing is the best method to market TruWORD, just one post or advert can bring you hundreds of sales resulting to hundreds of commissions.
Whenever you log in into your TM account and later logout, your TMLink would be used as the referral id for anyone who used the same system after you until another TM logs in!

How do I register as a TruMarketer?
Click this to submit your details Your account would be activated if you have once paid for TruWORD.

What do TMCode and TMLink mean?
Every TruMarketer have a unique TMCode through which they login into their account with their password.
TMLink is a unique special link that you post on internet to refer people to, and when we sell through your TMLink you get commission.

How do I activate my account?
AAfter registration, pay the quoted amount(s) as directed with your “Full Name (TMLink)” as the depositor’s name then send a text message with format “TMCode, Bank Paid Into, Teller No(s) to your Support number. (e.g.'TM41900, GTB, 0789654, 56674743' to 080XXXXXXXX)

How do I make money as a TruMarketer?
TruWORD is an advanced multilingual word processing software needed by all! You can sell TruWORD offline or online, either way you get commissions on all sales. Offline can be done through fliers/handbill printing, one-on-one and/or group meeting. Online is better as it allow your post to be seen by large number of internet user. You post can even bring you commission while you are sleeping.

How can I make money while asleep?
Log in into your TMLink account and logout when you’re done, you would be automatically chosen as the referral!
Online is better as it allow your post to be seen by large number of internet user. Your post(s) can even bring you streams of commission while you are still sleeping.

How can I change my TM Password?
Log in into your TM account with your TMCode & Password then click on Change Password on the left panel.

How do I know how many people I’ve ordered so far?
Log in into your TM account with your TMCode & Password then click on Sales Meter to see your total and today’s sales.

How can I work at TruCODE?
Visit for more details.

How can do my Industrial Attachment (IT) at TruCODE?
Send a detailed email about yourself and studies to Visit our career page for more details.